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Product Name : Theertham's Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO)

Description :

100% village-produced certified organic coconut oil, with all profits going directly back to the communities that make it.

Cold processing technology

Coconut milk is an emulsion of coconut oil and water which is stabilized by a protein. To recover the oil from the milk the protein bond has to be broken:

We at THEERTHAM apply cold process method using high speed tubular centrifuge to help the coconut oil retain its natural healthy nutrients. Our Virgin Coconut Oil contains antioxidants and phytosterols which counteract oxidation (spoilage) and excessive free-radical formation. Cold pressed coconut oil is packed full of great natural healthy properties. It contains antibacterial, antifungal, antioxidant and antimicrobial properties, and is full of healthy short and medium chain fatty acids.

Product Name : Desiccated Coconut

Description :

The dehydrated shredded flesh of coconut known as desiccated coconut is frequent used as substitute to graded coconut to grated coconut in food preparations. Home, confectionary and bakery units are the main consumers of desiccated coconut.

Product Name : Coconut Chips

Description :

Fully matured coconuts are used for the preparation of chips. The coconut kernel is cut into the form of chips using chipper. The cut chips are soaked in sugar or salt solution for about 40 minutes. The chips are baking in hot air oven till the products attain golden brown colour.

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